Space Hero is the new frontier for the entertainment sector, offering the first-ever truly off-planet experience. We aim to reinvent the reality TV category by creating a multi-channel experience that offers the biggest prize ever, to the biggest audience possible. Space Hero is about opening space up to everyone – not only to astronauts and billionaires.

Martin Pompadur, Chairman


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Thomas Reemer

Founding Partner & CO-CEO

Thomas is a leader in the information technology and media industries with over 25 years of experience. Initially, as a music manager and event organiser, he then moved on to work as an entrepreneur for artists such as Prince and George Clinton, as well as clients such as Sony and Universal. He was a co-founder and CEO at the first e-commerce platform for musicians, Artists First. With 88tc88 he created the first legal distribution platform for digital media publishers and labels in China.

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Martin Pompadur


One of the most highly regarded executives in the past 50 years of the entertainment business, and ex-chairman of News Corporation Europe. Currently he serves on the boards of Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. and CSS Entertainment. Martin has previously served on the boards of ABC, Inc. and IMAX Corporation, along with spending 7 years as global vice chairman of media and entertainment at Macquarie Capital Advisors.

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Deborah Sass

Founding Partner & CO-CEO

Deborah is a seasoned entertainment industry executive with a unique global perspective on doing business in today’s ever-interconnected world. Throughout the years she has worked with some of media and technology’s biggest names, TV & Radio channels in Australia. After returning back to the UK she secured roles working in Digital & Entertainment with clients such as Amazon, iTunes, Shazam and Spotify. Deborah has structured many international strategic partnerships with global brands. Deborah is also the founder of Five Hundred Female Founders.


The World’s most powerful space agency is partnering with Space Hero to deliver the best experience for the stay on the International Space Station!

Creating a thriving home in space that benefits every human, everywhere. Providing Space Hero with the flight to and from the ISS.

Los Angeles-based Propagate develops, produces and distributes programming built upon great stories spanning all genres, they will produce an awesome show for Space Hero.

An independent mid-sized agency, RPR possesses a firm understanding of the marketplace in New York and across the United States, Europe and the Middle East telling Space Hero’s story to a global audience.

A UK top 100 commercial law firm renowned for their work with creative, innovative and brand-focused businesses supporting Space Hero from a legal perspective.

An entertainment law firm at the forefront of media and entertainment based in Los Angeles supporting Space Hero from a legal perspective.


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